VMware cloud provided Deal Registration Program

A rebate payment program, providing rebates on a selection of VMware SKUs.

Apply to receive quarterly reward rebates


VMware Cloud Provider Deal Registration Program is a back-end rebate payment program designed to increase margins and drive sustainable growth for VMware Cloud Provider partners who are committed to further accelerate adoption of VMware products and solutions.

To qualify for the rebate payment, Cloud Provider partners are required to submit details of deals and then, if you are successful in closing that deal and an order is placed for the nominated product, you will be eligible for the rebate.


Note: Qualified product list will change over time based on up-sell activities, program changes, and market opportunities. rhipe reserves the right to cease applying this rebate at any time.

How do I apply?

Program participation is currently open to all VMware Cloud Provider Partners. Complete the form at the bottom of the page, including deal details.

To qualify for entry into the program, the Partner must:

  • Be in good standing. Partners in good standing are those meeting all programmatic requirements designated in the VMware Cloud Provider Program Guide for their partner type
  • Be fully authorized as a VMware Cloud Provider Service Provider in VMware’s Partner Central at least thirty days prior to the program start date and throughout the program period

Once you submit your deal details, rhipe will confirm via email whether this deal has been approved by VMware. You will be eligible for the rebate once your registered deal is won and an order for the nominated products has been received.


Rebate Payment Information

Once your approved deal has been closed and you start reporting the usage of the eligible products above, this is how the rebate payment will work:

  • Rebates are calculated as a pre-agreed percentage of eligible bookings during the program period (less returns and credits). Only orders processed and final within a given month will be included in that month’s rebate calculation.
  • Rebate will be issued in the form of a credit note to you
  • These credit notes will be issued quarterly and only for a period of 12 months after your deal is closed.
  • Final approval of credit notes is determined by VMware.

For additional information, please read our FAQs

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Program FAQ Datasheet

We strongly recommend you download a copy of the VMware Deal Registration Program FAQs.