MSP TrendSetter Rewards

Market leading security solutions now at a fraction of the cost

Set trends with The MSP TrendSetter Rewards Program. It’s designed to reward MSPs like you for selling industry leading security solutions.

Whether you currently offer Trend Micro, or you’ve been thinking about offering security solutions through Trend Micro, within a few easy steps you can be on your way to potentially claiming back $100s.

Here is how it works:

$1 is paid out for every new incremental license against the highest reported usage previously recorded since the start of MSP Trendsetter Program.

For example:

  • Month 1 : Signing up new client and reporting 100 licenses = $100 rewards
  • Month 2 : You report 150 licenses (+50 new licenses) = earns $50 rewards
  • Month 3 : You report 140 licenses (-10 less licenses than the highest reoccurring usage previously recorded, ie, 150) = earns $0 rewards
  • Month 4 : You report 160 licenses (+10 new licenses) = earns $10 rewards

Become a Trend Micro MSP TrendSetter!

Log in and start claiming your rewards for Trend Micro MSP business. Here's how to do it:

  1. Register into the program via:
  2. Once your registration is approved, you can login into the TrendSetter Rewards portal and start claiming your rewards when they are available. We look forward to loading cash onto your prepaid VISA card! Please note that approval can take up to 5 business days.

This is valid until June 2018. Click here for full terms and conditions

Eligible services include:

  • Worry-Free Security Services Standard
  • Worry-Free Security Services Advanced
  • Hosted Email Security
  • Cloud App Security

Why Trend Micro MSP program

Revenue: diversify your revenue stream by adding sustainable security service revenue with minimum financial risk.

Flexibility: offer your clients a flexible security service that will adapt to current and future technology needs.

Financial Options: offer your clients and prospects the option of annual licenses or recurring revenue options that work with your existing RMM/PSA tools.

Why choose rhipe?

Gain a bigger customer wallet share by becoming a customer's trusted advisor and increase customer's retention

Offer a security solution without additional risk

Purchase and provision licenses and receive invoices under a single portal from rhipe together with Microsoft CSP, and bill your customers in per user/device/server per month subscriptions

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