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SMX protects your people, your information, and your reputation, with our world-leading email data protection solutions.

What two problems does SMX solve?

SMX enables customers to recover and analyse email data, to control email flow and to detect and protect against sophisticated email threats.

Email Security

The big email security problems that organisations are facing today are:

  • How to implement effective protection of inbound/outbound email.
  • An increase of local Phishing and Whaling attacks.
  • Finding localised threat detection tools to fill the gap that international vendors’ northern hemisphere focus creates.
  • Where do I find a robust quarantine offering that is threat and rules-based.
  • A need to find localised support for their email issues.

Legacy Email Migration and Unified Archive

The big archiving problems that organisations are facing today are:

  • No unified search across legacy and current archive data.
  • A need for true archive with data edit or deletion protection.
  • Soaring costs of legacy on-premise storage solutions.
  • Keeping data secure.
  • Increasing demands from records management and eDiscovery regulations
  • Finding services and tools that enable the fast, accurate and secure migration of legacy email to new platforms such as Office 365.
  • Identifying the right tools to quarantine, analyse and protect email before releasing.

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Moving email to a cloud environment, organisations may well be exposing themselves to a wide range of security risks, data loss, and business continuity issues.

That is where SMX is the partner of choice.

SMX Accelerate

The SMX Accelerate product is a next generation email, security and archiving platform. It offers unrivalled powerful features to solve the big problems mentioned above and make email management more secure, efficient and scalable.

  • Advanced email records management and compliance.
  • Enhanced security, compliance and filtering.
  • Unsurpassed archiving - one place to search, discover and hold.
  • Proven migration tools to keep all email in one place.
  • Seamless integration of email security and archiving for Office 365.

How do I buy SMX?

It's as simple as any other license programme. Just contact rhipe today to find out how.