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From the ground to the cloud. We start from different places and travel at different speeds.

Microsoft Dynamics is a great platform for creating industry vertical differentiation.  So whether you are an existing Dynamics specialist, or a cloud service provider who is looking to add value and differentiate your offerings, rhipe can help you navigate the Microsoft Dynamics waters.

At rhipe we are passionate about the cloud, not because of the technology, but because it offers alternatives to solve business problems. However our experience also provides realism about the world we actually operate within.

So despite our passion we understand that:

  • The cloud model is all about realised benefits and not promised ones.
  • This leads to revenue growth being driven by the ongoing use of services rather than an initial “one off” sale.
  • This shifts the emphasis away from efforts aimed at trying to “close the deal”
  • To services focused on accelerating customer adoption and value realisation
  • Hence extending ongoing use and optimising operating costs.

The Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR Program

With this experience and insight rhipe have been appointed by Microsoft as a Dynamics Master VAR (Value Added Reseller) in Australia (the first in Australia/APAC).

The rhipe Master VAR program is all about creating a network that supports both established Microsoft Dynamics partners and new entrants who see the opportunity for business differentiation.

Established Microsoft Dynamics Partners

New Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Service Providers Adding Microsoft Dynamics

  • Operational and process support
  • Marketing and demand generation support
  • Cloud transformation support
  • Peer networking opportunities
  • Direct access to Microsoft Dynamics partner world
  • Access to Microsoft Dynamics resources – advisory hours, training, support plans
  • Extend hybrid solutions with line of business offerings
  • Business planning and verticalisation support
  • Access into Application Cloud services offerings
  • Access pool of Dynamics Resources (Partners) and vertical solutions
  • Ability to broaden footprint of services offered to your existing customers via ERP
  • Drive new business growth (net new customers) with ERP offering

How do I participate in the Master VAR program?

rhipe, as the sole Master VAR in Australia, is authorized to collaborate with other partners, who must sign a Sales Affiliate Agreement with Microsoft. The Master VAR will also require Sales Affiliates to sign a separate agreement to govern their relationship. Except for minimum requirements outlined in the Master VAR Addendum to the SPA, Microsoft does not dictate the structure of this agreement.

How does the program benefit me?

By aligning with a Master VAR, a Sales Affiliate can leverage the Master VAR's resources and investments to accelerate sales, reduce costs and increase business value. Master VARs are required to provide Sales Affiliates with centralized marketing, sales, operations, support and training. This frees up resources and enables Sales Affiliates to focus on what they do best, whether it's sales, consulting and technical or managing customer relationships. The Master VAR program is one option for partners that seek to scale rapidly without investing significant resources or losing business ownership. The Master VAR program also enables smaller VARs impacted by recent SPA and MPN requirements to continue to do business with Microsoft, possibly in a more profitable way than before.

Highlighted Master VAR Partners

Compusoft Australia

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Dynamics FAQs


If you have a single tenant environment (Dedicated physical server), you can provide the infrastructure under SPLA (Windows SPLA) and the customer can bring their own Microsoft Apps without the need to have SA. This  only applies if the end user has purchased through volume licenses program and no other non-SPLA Microsoft licensing channels. Previously the only way you could mix SPLA with end user licenses was through License Mobility, now you don`t require SA if this is on a physically dedicated server. SA and License Mobility still required if you want to bring end user licenses to your shared hosted/multi-tenant environment.

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Simple answer is YES.  Although embedded within the Dynamics specific use rights etc there is a similar License Mobility construct that allows your customer to bring their licensing to your "as a service" offerings.

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The list of FAQs is constantly being updated.

Full list of FAQs

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