The support behind you, so you can focus on success

The cloud model is all about realised benefits and not promised ones.  This leads to revenue growth being driven by the ongoing use of services rather than an initial “one off” sale. This shifts the emphasis away from efforts aimed at trying to “close the deal” to services focused on accelerating customer adoption and value realisation, extending ongoing use and optimising operating costs.

Rhipe has grown up with these cloud dynamics, we are totally focused on driving adoption of the cloud and our staff are some of the most cloud knowledgeable globally.  Being supported by a business that understands these dynamics and is incentivised against them is critical to being able to add the right value.

We aim to always be on the leading edge and where appropriate on the bleeding edge.

Direct and Indirect

The services that Rhipe offer are both direct and indirect.  As an indirect example we spend a lot of time working with vendors and industry analysts to drive the cloud agenda and ensure the needs of our customers are reflected in their plans and research.  We also make sure that we are ready to participate in new programs as early as possible so that our customers are able to gain the benefits within their businesses.

Example Services

The following are examples the services we offer.  These are both formal programs and also part of our day to day customer engagement.  This is also an ever changing list as we react to marketplace needs and constantly reinvent the value add we offer:

  • Licensing workshops – 1 to 1 as well as events
  • Vendor program webinars
  • Licensing optimisation services
  • Business planning with experienced account managers
  • Business model transformation – 1 to 1 as well as workshops
  • Support for marketing activities
  • Speakers for customer events
  • Engagement with vendors and industry analysts
  • Creating partner to partner relationships
  • Simplifying processes around vendor engagement