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Microsoft is an internationally recognised company, operating in more than 190 countries worldwide. With their plethora of products and vast network, Microsoft is a valuable partner to many businesses. rhipe is Asia-Pacific’s leading distributor of the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA). SPLA is the only Microsoft licensing agreement under which you can grant access to your Microsoft applications to users outside internal staff and even direct customers in many cases. As a rhipe SPLA partner, we facilitate the agreements between our partner’s and Microsoft, provide ongoing licensing advice, submit monthly usage reports to Microsoft on their behalf and help partners network with other service providers to deliver joint offerings.

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K2 is the leading low-code digital process automation (DPA) platform for enterprises seeking to rapidly and intelligently create modern process applications, automate workflows and transform their business. With K2, thousands of organizations worldwide and 30 percent of the Fortune 100 have taken control of their business processes to increase visibility and improve operational efficiency. Discover what you can accomplish when you connect your people, processes and applications at

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