How to read my bill

how to read my bill

1. rhipe details

This is where you will find the rhipe billing entity and ABN number.

2. Account Details

Includes your Bill to & Customer details.

3. Invoice Number

This is your unique invoice number.

4. Billing Period

This will have the dates of the billing period that your invoice relates to.

5. Bill Issued

Date the bill was issued. Which will always be before the 20th of the month.

6. Customer ID & Payment Terms

Your agreed payment terms with rhipe and your unique rhipe customer ID.

7. Your Reference

If you have provided us with a Purchase invoice number, it will appear here.

8. Bill Summary

Shows the amount that’s due and when to pay by. If you are not paying in your local currency you will see a currency exchange rate table which will show you your total amount in your local currency using the currency FX rate from that day.

9. Bill History

Coming soon!

10. Contact Us

You can call, email or write to us using these details.

11. How to pay

All your payment methods are shown here, including any payment fees that may be applicable.

How to read my bill

12. Your Program summary

Gives you a quick overview of all yourtenant’s and the total amount for each.

13. Your Program Details

CSP & Add-onsThis shows you all the products under each tenant. The Office 365 CSP program is based on a pay-in-advance arrangement. The pre-purchase component of the invoice is the total for each of the mailboxes billed in advance for the next month. The Adjustments component of the invoice is a true-up of the last month. If there is no change in quantity your will see your Actual usage for previous month and your prepayment for the next month. If you have changed the quantity during the billing period, you will see a credit of previous monthly pre-payment and then a breakdown of the actual usage by start and end date. The you will see a prepayment of the new quantity for the next billing month. For any additional questions re billing, please contact your rhipe Account Manager.