Flexible, efficient and highly secure peer-to-peer SD WAN Solution

Connect any site, to any device, anywhere on any network with ease

NetLinkz is a patented secure SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) solution featuring a unique fully meshed peer-to-peer network with award-winning security.

NetLinkz allows a partner to build a secure, fast and efficient WAN solution using any underlying public IP network. This potentially saves customers over 50% of their current WAN costs and simplifies the deployment and management of their network.

By adding SD-WAN to their product portfolio partners can create premium and differentiated service offerings, providing invaluable insight and control over the performance of a customers’ user experience, as well as preventing costly WAN infrastructure upgrades.

Why Netlinkz

With the uptake in cloud solutions and mobility, enterprises are facing increasing pressure on their WAN design, capacity and security to meet these demands.  The traditional firewall and VPN architectures are too inflexible to meet these demands and too costly to manage and maintain. Partners need a software designed solution that can be setup in minutes not weeks.

Netlinkz' award winning solution addresses these increasing demands, enabling partners and customers to:

  • Quickly and securely connect to any cloud-based services like Azure and AWS without expensive private links (or the delays associated with having such links installed)
  • Cost-effectively expand WANs to remote/regional sites or pop-up locations leveraging any available connectivity like NBN, 4GX etc.
  • Extend the WAN direct to mobile users’ laptops and PCs, replacing the cumbersome and unreliable VPN.
  • Operate a central cloud-based security platform to protect Web, Mail and Remote Desktop type services.

Download the Netlinkz FAQ here

Key Benefits to Resellers

  • Sell More Core Product
    • Creates differentiation of your solution
    • Solves cloud connectivity issues
    • Solves many other WAN connectivity issues securely
    • WAN savings can help justify other projects
    • Being a next generation product provides talking point to your customers
  • Minimal Upfront Costs
    • Simple to install, does not require expensive up-skilling
    • Software only as a service, requires no stock
    • Complimentary sale for existing products requiring minimal sale and marketing effort
  • Ongoing Revenues
    • Offers attractive ongoing margins
    • Central management allows additional managed services revenues to added
    • Sticky application for long term revenue. Difficult to customers to change WAN