What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Are you outgrowing your current accounting solution or struggling with legacy systems that make it difficult to seize new opportunities?

Microsoft Dynamics offers Line of Business solutions for small and midsize businesses that help provide you with greater control over and visibility into your entire business.

Simple to learn and use, Microsoft Dynamics ERP business solutions work with the technology systems you already have and deliver long-term value without a complex and costly implementation.

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What deployment options are available for Microsoft Dynamics Solutions?

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If you have a single tenant environment (Dedicated physical server), you can provide the infrastructure under SPLA (Windows SPLA) and the customer can bring their own Microsoft Apps without the need to have SA. This  only applies if the end user has purchased through volume licenses program and no other non-SPLA Microsoft licensing channels. Previously the only way you could mix SPLA with end user licenses was through License Mobility, now you don`t require SA if this is on a physically dedicated server. SA and License Mobility still required if you want to bring end user licenses to your shared hosted/multi-tenant environment.

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Simple answer is YES.  Although embedded within the Dynamics specific use rights etc there is a similar License Mobility construct that allows your customer to bring their licensing to your "as a service" offerings.

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