Microsoft License Solution Provider (LSP)

Benefitting you by being at the leading edge of licensing

There is a major shift in how businesses perceive and use IT within their operations:

  • The notion of where we work and the boundaries inherent with this are fundamentally shifting
  • Where our IT lives and who provisions it has also shifted
  • And yet the licensing programs that sit behind this have been slow to adapt

An understanding of these dynamics is at the core of our business and central to the decision by Microsoft to appoint rhipe as the worlds first pure play Cloud LSP (Licensing Solution Provider).  rhipe is able to provision Enterprise Agreements in addition to the SPLA licenses it already supplies.

One stop Shop

With the many options available it is important in a hybrid cloud world that licensing purchases are made under the right program by the right party.  With our ability to offer programs as an LSP as well as SPLA reseller and a Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR we can offer a one stop shop.  Our team of licensing specialists can assist businesses and service providers through the software procurement lifecycle, vendor comparison, product selection and contract analysis to interpretation of agreement options.

Cloud 1st, Channel 1st Approach

As an LSP, rhipe are a facilitator, ensuring that the correct licensing program is purchased by the right party.  Traditionally this has been directly to the end customer business and rhipe will continue to facilitate these transactions.  However we recognise that whilst businesses may be the consumer of licenses, in a cloud world the service provider has a central role to play.

With a cloud channel 1st approach we:

  • Honour existing relationships between businesses and their service provider
  • Create opportunities within our existing service provider network (Where consistent with existing relationships)

Server and Cloud Enrolment

In the past, to have an Enterprise Agreement (EA), an organisation had to cover at least 250 Devices or Users for Desktop software and/or Online Services. There was no EA like solution if you just wanted to cover your Server and Application Platforms. To address this Microsoft introduced three new agreements types. These were Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP), Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI), and Enrollment for Windows Azure (EWA). These Enrollments have now been consolidated and replaced with the Server & Cloud Enrollment (SCE). SCE offers programmatic discounts, favourable EA terms, flexible licensing options (mix of subscription and perpetual licensing) and the ability to purchase Azure Cloud Services. SCE is designed with Hybrid Cloud in mind. So whether you’re an End User Customer, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), or a Managed Services Provider (MSP), the SCE is the ultimate licensing agreement.

Referral program

The rhipe Referral Partner Program for Enterprise Agreements (EA) is available to all service providers. By working with rhipe to meet your end customer licensing needs you will be able to protect your relationship with your enterprise customers instead of having to use a potentially competitive channel. This is an opportunity for service providers to enable an additional revenue stream.

  • Non Competitive rhipe does not compete for services… your business relationships with your customers are sound and secure.
  • Additional Revenue Stream This will add more value and revenue to your business.
  • Full Spectrum Offering rhipe offers the complete Microsoft platform of products… we can help your customers with their on premise, cloud and hybrid licensing solutions.
  • Experienced Licensing Professionals We have experienced and certified Microsoft Licensing specialist that can support your sales teams and customers with all their licensing questions.