Building Hosted Desktop

Users Expectations are Evolving

Recent developments in workplace technology have led users in every size of business to evolve their expectations regarding the unique ways technology assists their productivity. As a result, IT is faced with a new set of challenges as it scrambles to meet these users' needs while maintaining its ongoing mandate of efficient, secure IT operations.

Factors affecting this change include the massive proliferation of device types, the proliferation of line-of-business (LOB) and productivity applications, and the growing expectation that users must be able to run these apps on any device from any location, via a mobile experience that is tailored to whatever device they are using.

User Expectations are evolving

In response, IT is challenged to seek cost-effective methods for:

  • Managing the complexities of deploying multiple apps across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Providing enterprise-level security for all user experiences, including when users expect the freedom to "bring your own device" (BYOD).
  • Allowing and supporting interoperability of LOB and productivity applications across all devices and platforms.
  • Ensuring the performance and uptime users require in order to maintain productivity.

As these challenges compound, three main success factors emerge for devising a strategy: data and app security, app access across platforms, and ease of IT management.


Building on virtualization technologies from Microsoft, you can offer a range of hosted desktop solutions that will provide your users with access to the applications that enable them to remain productive from the device of their choosing. By purchasing a hosted desktop solution, we can work together to:

  • Meet your users' productivity demands in an increasingly mobile and dispersed workplace.
  • Remove the IT burden of identity management, application patching, security enforcement, and additional infrastructure expenditures needed to run your business.


This page contains the following materials to assist with your Microsoft Hosted Desktop campaigns:

  • 12 Conversations Webcast: "Building Hosted Desktop: Expand Your Profits as IT Evolves" - learn more about going to market with a strong hosted desktop proposition
  • A detailed PRESENTATION to share with your customers about your company's Microsoft Hosted Desktop solutions.
    • You can add your company's branding and unique desktop hosting offers.
    • This deck also includes guidance for rearranging or modifying its contents for your specific messaging/audience.
  • Hosted Desktop Based on Windows Server 2012 R2 Thru Partner Customer Whitepaper
  • Hosted Desktop Datasheet with important statistics to illustrate the business opportunity

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