Adding Microsoft Productivity solutions to Exchange customers

Business customers increasingly seek bundled and integrated solutions when shopping in the cloud. In the SPLA channel, strategically combining offers can enhance revenues by filling SaaS business gaps in key accounts. To you this strategy often has other benefits as well: By taking a consultative approach to understanding business needs and building each end customer an integrated SaaS platform, you increase the customer's application diversity, prepare them to expand into other cloud technologies, and collect upsell and cross-sell revenue when they purchase those additional services in the future.

With productivity software, the large accounts where you primarily sell Exchange are a prime target for attaching Lync and SharePoint. Research at Microsoft shows that increasing productivity app diversity in these accounts leads to faster Exchange growth and application growth overall. Additionally, you gain a customer that is positioned for cross-selling other services, and the end customer gains the opportunity to build onto that integrated platform to serve their future needs.

Experience Growth while achieving a more balanced business

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To capitalize on these trends and capture more revenue and growth in your Exchange-only accounts, look for ways to:

  • Upgrade your customers to Productivity Suite (Exchange + Lync + SharePoint as a single, integrated offer)
  • Or, with customers where the whole suite isn't possible, attach either Lync or SharePoint to the Exchange account

Target Audience

Exchange-Dominated Accounts

  • If you have a high number of Exchange seats and low Lync/SharePoint attach rates
  • For this campaign to be successful and operate efficiently, you should have either a Lync or SharePoint offer already in the market

How Can You Benefit?

Scale up and accelerate Exchange revenues

Use an integrated productivity offer to diversify large Exchange-only accounts, boosting license revenues and accelerating growth for your SPLA businesses overall.

Future cross-selling opportunities

By enriching your consulting relationships with your customer base, you plant a basis for cross-selling additional technologies and services over time.


  • 12 Conversations Webcast: "Surrounding Exchange for Increased ARPU and Growth" – learn more about going to market with Productivity Suite and Lync/SharePoint upsell and cross-sell strategies
  • "Surrounding Exchange" Discussion Guide – Use this to understand the opportunity for accelerating growth by diversifying the productivity application mix in their major Exchange accounts
  • "Higher Revenues, Stronger Growth" Data Sheet – Use this to learn statistics and proof point of the "surrounding Exchange" strategy

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