Selling System Center

As the presence of public cloud providers in the hosted service market increases, hosters face a survival challenge: modernize and differentiate, or fade away. Hosters not utilizing a hybrid (off-premises, on-premises and public) cloud solution will be left with an old, less profitable business model and face commodification by public cloud providers. Continued growth in the hybrid cloud age depends on delivering new services and experiences to new customer audiences—and doing so at a new level of quality using highly scalable processes to support an ever-lower price point.


But growth and differentiation are only as good as the technology hosters use to manage these new services and processes. A modern, future-ready hoster management platform must be multitenant-ready, appaware, self-service, and fully scalable and automatable across all layers of the hosting stack.

By delivering unified management for Cloud OS, System Center is the required cloud ingredient to efficiently deliver new value to customers. To help your partners understand how System Center can play a role in the future of their business, familiarize yourself with the following six hosting scenarios:

  • Rich and Consistent Tenant Manageability with WAP
  • Hybrid Cloud Scenarios
  • Service Portal Integration with System Center Extensibility
  • Complete SaaS Manageability
  • Unified Management for IaaS offerings
  • Re-Platforming for TCO Savings

Target Audience

Hosters seeking a sustainable long-term model for adding customers via hybrid cloud services

The hybrid cloud is an opportunity for hosters to achieve two important goals for the survival of their business:

  • Extend their portfolio of offerings by differentiating from their competitors
  • Reach enterprise and sophisticated SMB customers with compelling solutions

How Can You Benefit?

Direct entry into a high-growth business

System Center is the required component to enabling hosting hybrid cloud scenarios. By selling System Center based on these six target scenarios, you create a new System Center revenue stream with an appealing low cost of entry.


Enable future growth for you and your partners

Hosters gain a future-ready platform for offering and managing differentiated hybrid cloud services. As a SPLA-R, you gain an entry point for upselling these hosters to other revenue-producing SPLA technologies.

Resources for SPLA-Rs

  • 12 Conversations Webcast: "System Center: Accelerating Growth in the Hybrid Cloud" – learn more about the six scenarios for selling System Center en route to future expanded revenues
  • System Center Tele Discussion Guide –discuss advantages of upgrading hosting environments to System Centre Management
  • "Six Scenarios" Data Sheet – use this to provide an overview of the six System Center scenarios to your customers
  • System Center Case Studies – learn how System Center has created a sustainable, future-ready platform for new hybrid cloud services

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