Economic Value of Cloud Platform Suite

The Cloud Platform Suite provides a unique economic advantage to MS partners that choose to deliver an IaaS service on Hyper-V for Linux workloads.

Customer savings with CPS for Linux workloads can reach 95% when compared to competitive commercial platforms like VMWare.

By educating customers on the economic value of the MS Platform and CPS, you can capture new business from Linux and Linux+Windows infrastructure hosters.

Use Cases

Windows/Linux VMware VPS Hoster

Customer with Linux workloads on VMWare will be able to dramatically lower management and platform costs for delivering Linux VPS service to customers.

  • Opportunity: Shift Linux VMs from VMware Platform to Hyper-V and System Center.
  • Direct Revenue: Number of hosts licensed with Cloud Platform Suite
  • Metal Win: Move to Hyper-v with SC
  • Future revenue: build skills to manage all workloads on MS fabric, move to MS fabric Ready to onboard future Windows workloads


Windows/Linux non-VMWare VPS Hoster

Similar opportunities exist for hosters with Xen, KVM, and Virtuozzo platform. Savings derived from changing platform will vary based on underlying platform costs.


Mixed Hyper-V/VMware Hoster

For hosters with Hyper‐V environments in production CPS conversation provides a new motivation for rapid migration of Linux workloads from competitive platforms to Hyper‐V and landing of System Center as part of the solution mix.

How you can benefit

Win share against your competitors

If you are running Linux workloads for your customers on non-CPS fabric, learn how CPS can save you money.


Your Windows Server VM revenue is unaffected

With CPS, you continue to collect guest fees for Windows Server guests and other non-Linux guests.



Migrating customers onto the Microsoft platform with CPS provides the opportunity to upsell them to SQL Server and other technologies. SQL Server represents more than 50 percent of the Microsoft SPLA business overall.


  • 12 Conversations Webcast: "Selling the Economics of Cloud Platform Suite" – access the webcast recording to learn more about the unique opportunity to capture additional hosted Linux share from your competitors.
  • CPS Discussion Guide – use this to discuss advantages of running Linux on CPS
  • CPS Data Sheet – use this to provide an overview of CPS economics to your customers
  • CPS Savings Calculator – use this to compare Linux and Linux+Windows fee structures in CPS and non-CPS environments
  • CPS Case Studies – find out how CPS has saved other hosters money

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