How are MSPs engaging with digital transformation opportunities?

Are Australian MSPs ready to support businesses shift to the Cloud?

The evidence is in and where ever you look business transformation is happening. A recent report from rhipe, surveyed 102 MSP decision makes across Victoria, New South Wales, Southern Queensland and Canberra on a range of trends that are driving this transformation such as cloud infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), research & design (R&D) and technology skills.

The objective of this research was to gain suggestions of the preparedness of the MSP community for these changes and to provide suggestions of where partners can add value to their customers and develop a competitive advantage.

What did we find:

  • 49% of MSPs surveyed are yet to actively engage in Notifiable Data Breach Scheme discussions or projects with their customers
  • Innovation requires business and technical insights but only 29% of surveyed Australian MSPs formally allocate time to both Business and Technical R&D
  • For the 20% of Australian MSPs surveyed who have clients asking about IoT, but no strategy, this should be a “do something now” red flag
  • Only 15% of the MSPs surveyed are benefiting from the financial rewards of industry vertical alignment

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"These results are a great insight into how MSPs are engaging with the transformational opportunities created by enhanced customer expectations and emerging technology solutions. They also provide guidance as to where to provide support for their impetus towards profitable growth."

~ Dominic O’Hanlon, CEO rhipe