Country pages

An international company with all the benefits of a local presence

From our beginnings in 2003 (see Heritage & Culture), rhipe have expanded across Asia and now from our headquarters in Melbourne Australia, we work with and support service providers across 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

We are proud of our “one business” culture where ideas are shared and embraced from all areas of the business. However we also appreciate that we need to meet the local needs of our customers and therefore have teams in each geography we operate in.

This provides our customers with the benefits of partnering with an international business that:

  • Operates and collaborates at the highest levels of the service provider industry
  • Meets the needs of our customers through a local presence

This means that whilst the majority of the news and information on our web site is common across all geographies, there are some news, events and knowledge articles etc. that are country specific. We therefore have a landing page for each country where we highlight local information. Please click on one of the links (right) or use the menus at the top of the page.